Wedding Day Gift Exchange

It has become more and more popular to exchange gifts with your soon-to-be spouse on your wedding day. Here are a few ideas on what to send over to your beau!

For Him

  • A watch - With a cute tag that says “Don’t be late!”. a watch is a classic gift idea.

  • Fun socks - Usually paired with a note saying “In case you get cold feet” — you know he’ll need socks day-of regardless!

  • A journal - Start a journal 100 days out from the wedding, and fill it with love letters, photos from date nights, and memorable adventures!

For Her

  • Jewelry - Getting her a sweet piece of jewelry is never a bad idea, and she may even get to wear it day-of!

  • Keepsake box - Filled with a love note, this is a sweet gesture and a great place to store future mementos!

  • Photo album - With many services online offering these, it’s both an easy and sentimental way to look back at where you’ve been together!

When in doubt, just write a sweet card explaining how much you love them (and it never hurts to thank them for being patient during the wedding-planning)! No matter what you choose to give, the real gift is forever!


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