Turning Wedding Details into Home Decor

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how your wedding will look - why not use those details after the day is done? Here are a few ways to turn wedding details into home decor.

  • Centerpieces - If you’re using vases or jars on your tables, reuse them! Refill them with flowers to keep you reminiscing about your wedding! If your venue included the centerpieces, find something similar and use it as the centerpiece of your dining table, or an accent to your fireplace mantle.

  • Preserved Bouquet - There are many services that will preserve your bouquet and turn it into art for your home.

  • Wedding Photos - You didn’t hire a photographer only to put photos online! Get a gallery frame set and put your favorites on your walls!

Don’t let the details end with your wedding! Find ways to use the decor to fill your home with those cherished memories.


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