How to Incorporate Social Media into Your Wedding

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook - there is so much technology to incorporate into weddings now! If you’re a bit confused or lost, here are some ways you can pull these into your wedding.

  • Hashtags. It seems like as soon as the date is set, couples are rushing to find their wedding hashtag. Hashtags are an easy way to catalog photos and posts about your wedding. If you’re unsure what to use for yours, think of some puns you can use off your new last name! If that’s not your style, use your last name and your date - you can’t go wrong!

  • Geofilters. On Snapchat, you can create geofilters specific to your wedding. These are Snapchat filters you can design to have your wedding day information on them! The Knot has a great tutorial on how to make them yourself.

  • Photo/Video apps. There are several apps you and your guests can use that will log all photos and video for you! WedPics, Eversnap, and WedReel are just a few options. Apps like these really make your life easier by saving all the footage for you to enjoy later!

No matter how you choose to incorporate social media into your wedding, you’re sure to have plenty of posts and photos to look back on!


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