Alternatives to the Guestbook

Guestbooks have always been a wedding staple. It’s sweet to look back through the warm wishes guest leave for you! But it doesn’t have to be a book anymore - there are so many alternatives out there!

Heart Drop

Guests write their names on tiny wooden hearts, and drop them into a frame. This becomes art you’ll hang on the walls and admire frequently!

Polaroid Guest Book

Set a polaroid camera up on a table, and let guests take a snapshot of themselves! They’ll write their names and a small note, and you’ll be able to add it to a scrapbook after the wedding.

Giant Jenga Blocks

This is such a fun way to add quirk to your wedding. Not only is Jenga a fun game for your guests to play, but they can sign each block with a Sharpie or paint pen, and you’ll have a new anniversary activity with your spouse!


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