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Premarital counseling sometimes comes with a stigma, leaving couples asking, “Why do we need to go if we don’t have any issues?"

While this is an understandable mindset, it’s important to consider the benefits of counseling.

Counselors are simply there to guide you, and probe you to ask thought-provoking questions. Maybe you and your spouse-to-be spend a lot of time dreaming about your future, but are you asking all the right questions? How do you plan to manage finances? Are you both clear on whether or not you want children? Premarital counseling can help guide you through the questions you may not have already gone over, or solidify the answers you’ve already agreed upon.

Every healthy marriage is built on a foundation of solid communication skills, so learning how to do so effectively is important. In these sessions, you can air any grievances, lay out all expectations, and learn to communicate in a way that your partner prefers. Everyone communicates their issues differently, so the earlier you can learn how to get through the tougher times, the better.

There are many resources for premarital counseling in the DFW area. Whether you go with your church, or another certified therapist, you have plenty of options.


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