When we get down to wedding details, it’s easy to feel like we can take on every task. However, there are some things that are best left to the pros. Here are some suggestions on what’s best to DIY, and what’s best to buy!


-Centerpieces: If you’re wanting something simple, like mason jars and candles, this is an easy DIY. Start collecting the pieces you need over time, and put it all together right before the wedding.

-Favors: There are so many sweet DIY favor options. Putting together bags of your favorite local coffee, putting your favorite candies in small jars, baking homemade treats for your guests - the list goes on!

-Paper goods: If you’re savvy with design and photoshop, it may be cost-efficient to print off your own invitations and programs. An in-between to this are sites like Etsy, where you can purchase a template to go off, or BasicInvite, where you can design and order everything all in one place.


-Floral: Whether it’s Kroger or a local floral boutique, these pieces can really set the look of your wedding day. Plus, you can preserve your bouquet to use as art for the rest of your life!

-Large decor: Unless you’ve got plenty of time to build an arch for your wedding, it’s much more efficient to buy - or rent - large items for your wedding day. There are many local vendors who rent arches, farmhouse tables, etc.

-Coordination: A lot of brides try to wing this, and though it technically doesn’t count as a DIY-project, this is a worthy addition to the “buy” list. Hire a professional to help your day run smoothly!

When it comes to these aspects of your wedding, ask yourself: “Do I have the time, or skills, to do this myself?” If so, by all means, get to crafting! If not, rest assured there are many wonderful vendors in the metroplex who will help bring your vision to life.


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