How To Pamper Yourself Before The Wedding

It is important to take some time during this potentially stressful planning to look out for your well-being! Here are some tips to save your sanity.

  • Make sure to stay hydrated. This is important all the time, but particularly the weeks leading up to your wedding. We tend to reach for coffee when we’re stressed, so be sure to get in lots of water!

  • Get a manicure! Getting your nails done (or taking the time to do them yourself) can be very relaxing, and polished nails always look great in photos - and there’s no way your hands won’t be photographed on the wedding day!

  • Accept help. Sure, this doesn’t sound like pampering, but it’s good for you! Let friends and family help with DIY projects, or plan for the smaller gatherings you don’t necessarily need to do by yourself.

  • Last but not least: sleep! I know this sounds like a given, but back-to-back all-nighters just aren’t worth it. You don’t want to arrive to your wedding feeling like a zombie, so make sure you get some rest before the big day.

Remember to take care of yourself! Your wedding day should be a joyous occasion, and it is important that the journey to the altar is full of relaxation and happiness, too!


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