How to Select the Best Music for your Soiree

We often get asked, “What music should we play at our reception?” And the answer is a little tricky! Here are some factors to consider when selecting music:

-Who is the “audience”? Is your Grandma going to approve of rap or heavy metal? Are the guests younger or older? Is there a specific culture that should play into the music (reggae, jazz, salsa, etc.)?

-Who are YOU? Do you only listen to country music? Don’t feel obligated to play the Macarena if it doesn’t suit you.

-What is the time of day of the event? Usually more “saucy” music comes out later in the evening. Most daytime affairs have softer music playing.

-What type of event are you having? Is this a dance party or a sit down type affair?

Have fun making your playlist!


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