Top Adult Party Themes

When was the last time you went to a good party? Adults like to party too, yet it seems like the kids get to have the fun most of the time. Here are some great themes for your next get together.

1980s – Big hair, tacky clothes and nachos. You can’t go wrong with the 80s!

Awards Party – Academy Awards, Country Music Awards, Grammys- the show isn’t important, but the style is. Host a watching party and have the guests dress up fancy or like their favorite celebrity. Be sure to print out prediction ballots for the guests to guess on when they arrive.

Book/TV Themed Party - Think of a show where everyone dresses like one if the characters and assumes that character’s personality for the evening. Great examples are 30 Rock, Seinfield, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Law and Order.

Minute to Win It – There are SO many fun (read: funny) games out there that are inexpensive and “easy.” Though easy is a relative term. We like these the most:

Halloween – There is something to be said about a good Halloween party. Dress up, make your house spooky and enjoy some goblin punch.

Kentucky Derby – Think fancy dresses, proper cocktails and the biggest hats you’ve ever seen. Add some fun bidding on horses and you’ve got a galloping good time.

Sports Themed Party – Whatever the sport, host a watching party for the championship game. Make sure the drinks and appetizers are sporty and spicy!

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