Party Planning 101

Who’s Coming?

Planning your guest list first helps you narrow down everything from location to foods served. A rough estimate of the number of guests and their age range is necessary to beginning a plan.

Location Location Location

Make sure that the location you choose is the right size for the number of guests. Plan something that is centrally located to where most of the guests reside OR close to a major airport. If going for something outdoor, make sure you have a rain contingency plan.

Time and Date

Planning a party for little kids? Try not to plan it in the middle of the afternoon during naptime? Working adults- try to plan something after 6pm at the earliest to allow people time to get off of work and head your way. If most of your guests are all in a particular club or organization, make sure the party doesn’t conflict with something else already scheduled. Planning something on a Saturday? Send out the invites sooner rather than later.

Food and Beverage

Sometimes keeping it simple and only offering a few good quality items is the way to go. Unless it’s advertised as so, guests won’t come expecting a five course dinner. When considering whether or not to serve alcohol, keep in mind the host(ess) preference and any guests that may not do well with alcohol. Regardless of what beverage you choose, make sure to provide cold water through the evening in addition.

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