Do's and Don'ts for Bridesmaids' and Groomsmen

Bridesmaids’ Gifts - Do’s and Don'ts

If you’re stressing about what you should be gifting your girls, take a deep breath. We’ve got a few simple solutions that will make them feel loved at every budget!

$5 And Less - Personalized Mugs.

If you’re the artistic type, grab some sharpies and get to doodling. Bake each mug at 250 degrees for two hours, and you’re set!

DO: Include a note - it makes them feel loved!

DON’T: Make everyone’s mug identical. Your girls are special - make their mugs reflect that!

$15 - Personalized Dress Hangers.

Not only is this a sweet keepsake from your day, it’s something they can actually use - who doesn’t need more hangers?!

DO: Customize it with their name!

DON’T: Stress out about the cost. You can find great prices for these online!

$25 - Silk Robes.

Every time they wear it after the wedding, they’ll feel glamorous and nostalgic. Win-win.

DO: Feel free to get matching sets for these. (Looks better in photos.)

DON’T: Forget to get yourself one, too!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to make it personal! They’re standing beside you to love and support you, and they deserve a little note of gratitude!

Groomsmen Gifts - Do’s and Don'ts

The key here is to keep it simple and practical.

$10 And Less - Quirky Socks.

Everyone needs socks. Why not gift a pair that will remind them of your special day?

DO: Go with a theme! If all your guys are into superheroes, consider getting each groomsman a different superhero! (Iron Man for Joe, Superman for Charlie…etc)

DON’T: Let the colors clash if you’re wanting a silly sock photo. Try to pick pairs that all look good together.

$15 - Custom Wedding Accessories

Cuff links, tie bars, money clips - so many options to choose from!

DO: Customize it! A classy option is to get their initials or last name engraved or hand-stamped onto the piece.

DON’T: Put your wedding date. It makes it less likely that they will wear them again!

$20 - Bottle Opener

Sure, you could find them cheaper, but in this price range you can get them engraved with your wedding date!

DO: Look for one that they couldn’t find anywhere else. Etsy and Amazon both have great, unique options that aren’t like anything you can pick up in stores!

DON’T: Stress about making them all different, or custom to each person. Keep this one simple!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to remind your guys that you appreciate them. Whether you include a note or not, these gifts are kind gestures that will make them smile time and time again!

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