Ways To Celebrate After Your Wedding Day

Just because your ceremony and reception are only one day of your life, that doesn’t mean the fun and festivities have to be over.

Here are some sweet ways to celebrate the love you share!

  • A wine/champagne box: if you and your honey have a preferred drink you’re drinking on your big day, plan ahead and get (or make, if you’re crafty!) a box to store a bottle in. On your anniversary, open it up and review your wedding photos and video!

  • Renew those vows: if it’s been some time since your big day and you’re itching for another celebration, why not have a vow renewal? It’s a sweet way to remind each other of your commitments you’ve made, and a wonderful gathering of family and friends.

  • A remember-moon: whether it’s a vacation in your city or one farther away, pack your bags and get away for awhile and celebrate your love! Whether you book the same hotel you stayed at on your wedding night, or book the same vacation you went on for your honeymoon, having some time away together will be a romantic retreat!

Just remember, a wedding is one day, but your marriage is forever. Keep celebrating your love, your life, and your happiness together!


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