The hot trend right now is to have 2 or even 3 dresses to wear on your wedding day and for a lot of brides this is financially unrealistic. So how can you change up your look without breaking the bank?

First you can look at buying a convertible wedding dress. This type of dress has a long skirt that can be removed to reveal a shorter party dress. This is an economic way to get the 2 dress look. Click here for some great options!

Another way to change your look is to glam up your makeup. It’s a great way to try two different looks that you are trying to decide between. Wear your sweet makeup for the ceremony and add that eyeliner for the party afterwards. You can do the same thing with your hair. If you have put it up for the ceremony let it down for the reception. Where you scared to try a floral crown for the ceremony? Add it for the reception.

Whatever you decide to do be comfortable with your look. After all it’s your day.


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