What Could Go Wrong?

Last time we discussed a touchy subject surrounding the integrity of vendors in the wedding industry. So what else could go wrong?

Top 20 Wedding Mishaps:

  • A tornado rendered the venue uninhabitable. $35,000

  • The rings were stolen out of the groom’s home. $15,352

  • The seamstress lost the bridal gown. $3,412

  • The tuxedos were double rented. $2,278

  • A drunk guest got into an auto accident. $500,000

  • The photographer’s car was stolen with the camera and wedding photos. $15,000

  • The reception venue went out of business. $8,500

  • The DJ went out of business. $1,257

  • The wedding gifts were stolen at the reception. $12,300

  • Bridesmaid left a candle burning in the dressing room and the facility caught fire. $150,000

  • The bride’s father had a heart attack. $50,000

  • The bride got cold feet. $15,897

  • The flower girl hid the wedding ring in her princess purse. Scary but not expensive!

  • The guests got food poisoning. $56,221

  • The groom’s previously approved military leave was revoked. $32,528

  • An elderly guest was knocked over and broke both of her hips. $352,000

  • Only 1/4 of the guests showed due to an ice storm. $43,625

  • The caterer failed to show. $15,350

  • The minister failed to show. $8,350

  • The groom was laid off and the couple could no longer afford the wedding. $6,500

After a discussion with WedSure, a fantastic wedding insurance company, I found that you can get insurance for as little as $125. When considering that you are protecting an investment as large as most people could spend on a vehicle that is a steal. You can check out what WedSure has to offer by clicking here.


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